Saturday, November 25, 2006

holiday weekend

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! We went over to a co-worker's house and had dinner. It was nice to have people to share the day with. John and I both worked on Friday and now we're relaxing, getting ready to run some errands, and waiting for the next football game to start. I'll update more with some new pics soon!


mom said...

I'm glad you two had a nice Thanksgiving and was able to spend it with others. You both were deeply missed. Our dinner was fantastic and of course we all ate to much.Miss you more and more every day. Love Mom

Leah said...

We ate WAY too much turkey at our house! LOL. Patrick wanted me to send along his greetings . . he totally remembers you. . he almost cried the first day he came into work and we told him you weren't here anymore. :-)

Lee E said...

You can interpret "Mom's" note to mean, "When are you going to leave AK and return home."