Sunday, July 27, 2008

lazy Sunday

Showing off his standing skills

Showing off his dancing skills. I wish you could see the video!

Whew! It's been a hot one this weekend. We went up to the Uinta's yesterday to beat the heat and had a picnic on a small lake. Photo's from that trip to come shortly, they are on the real camera and will be developed soon.
Today we hit the public pool and took Oliver for his first swim. Sadly, no pictures of him in the water b/c we both wanted to be in there with him. Next time, I promise.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

more Ashly and Amal wedding

Ollie asleep in Dad's arms at the ceremony.

TG, RKT and JC

Ashly's lovely Aussie friend Anna who demanded to hold Oliver numerous times so that John and I could dance together. We are so grateful for that!

The wedding of Ashly and Amal Srivastava

Waiting for the ceremony to begin

Ashly with her parents, Linda and Bill

Right after "I do!"

1st dance

Lake Tahoe

short hike to the beach

We arrived in Incline Village around noon on Friday and headed straight to the beach. A short hike through the woods and we were at Chimney beach. BEAUTIFUL! We came unprepared without beach towels or an umbrella so we sat in the shade on Ollie's blankets. The weather was perfect and the lake is absolutely beautiful!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

More cereal & an upcoming wedding.

Oliver loves the new food but still hasn't quite figured out the swallowing thing... He's definitely determined though!
He has a doctor appointment tomorrow and we'll probably mix in a vegetable at some point next week.
We are all heading to Lake Tahoe for Ashly's wedding this coming weekend and are pretty excited about it! Oliver is pumped to get to meet Ashly, Rachel and John. We are all excited to meet Ashlys' Amal!

Real Food & BIG Toys

Ollie started eating real food (rice cereal) this past week! The habitually intense sucking motion that has been his go-to move over the past four months makes using the spoon a bit of a challenge, but he's figuring it out nicely!!

The introduction of new of toys such as the insanely huge Music Motion Activity Jumper has been a popular addition to Ollie's daily entertainment... He absolutely LOVES it! Other than a couple of stubbed toes and the fact that it takes up half of our kitchen space, I think we may just love it too! He laughs hysterically when he catches a glimpse of himself in the little mirror or when he finds a new little noise maker by fully extending his arms and little toes.

Uncle David was secretly persuading Oliver to decide that David would be his first word... We'll see if Ollie learns his middle name before a few other much tougher words like mom, dad or NO.

Our neighbor Alex is in LOVE with Oliver and has expressed interest in waiting the 18 years before he'll be ready for their first date...

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Ollie Bear

Ollie and I just hanging out this afternoon.

4th of July weekend

Dave and Charlie visited for a week and Trinna came out for a short 2 day stay over the past week. We took lot's of mini road trips into the Canyons, walked around Park City, had breakfast at the Silver Fork Lodge and showed everyone the city. We had a really great week!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ollie fell asleep sideways in the chair!

Oliver has been a good boy all week so he got a new toy! He LOVES it! He went to town exploring all the bells and whistles and he really digs how he can touch the ground with his feet and bounce up and down.
Happy 4th of July everyone, hope you all have a good weekend!