Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The new New Mexicans

We packed up the wagons and headed Southeast for a fresh start in a new town. Ollie was excited for the adventure and he strapped on his hat for life on the road...

Santa Fe was our destination and we rambled through the pouring rain for two days through beautiful areas such as Arches, Canyonlands, Manti La Sal, Mesa Verde, Durango, and the San Juan National Forest... They were almost all buried in the clouds and it was REALLY tough passing through without a stop, especially with Ollie "the anxious one". When the rain finally did subside, we found ourselves just over an hour from Santa Fe near Ghost Ranch, where Georgia O'Keeffe spent 50 years of her life painting... what views!

Once in Santa Fe, we took a few of days to explore the sites and absorb the sunshine...

Museum of Fine Arts

Santurario de Guadalupe, built in 1781

Cathedral Basillica of St Francis

The Plaza downtown

The Inn at Loretto

On Mother's Day, the three of us had a great time at the Cowgirl BBQ. Ollie was given a balloon hat, Tracie had a much needed margarita and we all sat around enjoying live music and great company.

A few random pics of the boy...

This past weekend, we drove West towards the Jemez Mountains to check out some Native American (Anasazi) Pueblos at Bandelier National Monument. These amazing cliff dwelling in Frijoles Canyon date back almost a thousand years.

The remnants of the Village of Tyuonyi.

Tracie peering out the kitchen window.

Several of the dwellings were accessed by ladders,

while the Long House, an 800 foot stretch of adjoining homes was accessed by navigating up through several stories.

Well, I suppose this blog is now caught up... Good night!