Saturday, June 28, 2008


Oliver decided to weasel his way out of his papasan while we weren't looking yesterday. Doesn't he look guilty?! I turned around and there he was on his tummy on the floor looking up at me like nothing happened!

Saturday night isn't quite what it used to be... Whoahoo it's MORE fun!

Oliver has been a really good boy this week. He did great in his second week of day care. He has been learning so many new things! He truly just discovered his hands and loves to take his pacifier out of his mouth, stare at it for a bit and then force it back into his face! Mostly he puts it in backwards but once in awhile it goes in the right way. He's also grabbing on to everything and really loves mom's hair. Mom's thinking of a shorter haircut... maybe another Dorothy Hamill do like the good ol' days. His slobbering has continued in large quantities and we've had to purchase some new chew toys. He's been flipping over from his back to his tummy constantly and has us trying to figure out what he's actually capable of... It's challenging! Tonight we're waiting for Dave (my twin brother) and Charlie's (Dave's girlfriend) plane to arrive and are excited to spend the week with them! Charlie hasn't met Ollie yet and Dave hasn't seen him since he was 6 weeks old. Charlie accepted a professorship with the University of Utah and we're stoked to be neighbors soon!
Thanks for the Yoda onesie Christine! I think the force is strong with this one!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday/15 weeks

It has been a busy week in the Hutchison household. I started work this week and Oliver started day care. He has done great at Kindercare, the ladies say that he is a really good baby. He is always happy when I pick him up and I think he's getting in some good naps there. I started a job in the department of Pediatrics at the University AND at Pottery Barn Kids. Both are great. The U job is wonderful and everyone is very nice. I'm working 30 hours a week and it's great to have my afternoons with Ollie. Pottery Barn Kids is a blast! It was B-U-S-Y last night! We are getting ready to take a drive into the mountains this afternoon as the weather here has been picture perfect.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday afternoon

Some days I just can't get over how cute this little man is. Today we went for a walk and met John for lunch. We took the family picture outside of his office this afternoon.

Monday, June 09, 2008


watching Boston whoop the Lakers

this is my favorite picture ever!

Ollie's room... The new picture on the wall is from Aunt Cathy, Uncle Rusty and cousins Lindsey and Carson. The big green bear is compliments of Grandma and Grandpa Hutchison.