Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This past weekend we headed up to Vallecito, just East of Durango. OMG, it was amazing. I miss the green so much and this was a healthy dose of it! We packed up the tent, cooler and whatever else we could fit in the back of the VW (not much). The kids did really great considering Archer had a cold and Ollie had some sort of stomach bug. We hung at the campsite, played at the waters edge and hiked a bit. We can't wait to go back!
Master marshmallow cooker

Abiquiu reservoir and Los Alamos

We went for a drive a couple of weekends ago and ended up checking out the reservoir in Abiquiu. It was beautiful and sunny but so windy. We didn't stay long, just long enough for Oliver to skip some rocks. We then headed over to Gallina and had some awesome green chile burgers at a little restaurant (the only one in Gallina?). The kids fell asleep in their car seats and John and I enjoyed a quiet, scenic drive down a forest service road. We stopped in Los Alamos on the way back to stretch our legs and let the kids play. We often stop at this park for it's wide expansion of grass which we don't get to see in Santa Fe. It was an awesome day (until we got home and I realized I had left my keys on top of the car and they fell off somewhere during the drive)!

El Rancho de las Golondrinas

John took Oliver to El Rancho del las Golondrinas a couple of weeks ago. It is a living history museum on 200 acres just South of Santa Fe. I've never been but it looks like they had a blast! I'll have John edit this with some of what they did while there.

a few randoms

My sweet mischievous boy getting into something he shouldn't.

pouring water from cup to cup

just chilling

omg, so so good shrimp and grits

Thursday, May 19, 2011

things we've been doing lately

turning one, walking first steps, flying kites, eating waffles, taking swimming lessons, riding bikes, peeing in the bushes, playing superheroes


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

another birthday

We really pack all the birthdays into the first half of the year here in the Hutchison household. Last week we celebrated mine, and I won't say which number. We went down to Albuquerque to check out Explora, the children's science museum. The museum was a lot of fun but most of the science exhibits were geared told older children. Oliver still dashed from one thing to another to check it all out. Maybe in a few years he'll stand still long enough for us to explain how they work to him. After the museum we had lunch at Flying Star, one of my local favorites. Kid friendly and they serve good local ingredients. Then we walked around the campus area a bit and hit up Cold Stone Creamery for a little yum yum. It was 70 and sunny so really a perfect day! When we got home, John whipped up a carrot cake for me! I'm not sure which member of the family most enjoyed the cake. :)