Sunday, October 26, 2008


Timpanogos Caves

Last weekend we drove down to American Fork and hit up the Timpanogos Caves. It was way cooler than I expected it to be! There are 3 caves with man made tunnels dug out in between. We were inside the mountain for over an hour. The hike up was a little strenuous but completely worth it. The views were beautiful! A great time was had by all!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Poor little Ollie

Ollie has been feeling very boo boo kitty these last couple of weeks. A cold turned into an ear infection, the amoxicillan used to treat the ear infection causes a terrible rash and somehow now he's had a fever since Monday afternoon. Today was a good day, no Tylenol, I think the fever is lessening. His mood has been great and he's been a trooper through it all. He still has remnants of his cold but it's clearing out. We're hoping to have the old smiling Ollie back by this weekend.
Ollie tried green beans this week for the first time. He didn't like them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ollie has been a busy boy this week. He's enjoying lot's of new foods as you can tell by the bits on his nose in one of the pictures. We must go get him ready for bed now!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This week

Ollie is thinking about crawling but not quite there yet!
Snow this morning
Snow this morning off the front porch
Oliver fell asleep in his bouncer this morning.

Gimme that camera!

We've all had a cold this week and Ollie had an ear infection on top of his cold. We've been laying low and hanging out in the house a lot. The temps dropped a lot this weekend and it snowed over night and has been spitting snow all day as well. Not much is sticking to the ground but it's nice to see.
We are sad to see the Farmer's Market go but next week will be the last. I have been stocking up on zucchini and making bread with it. It seems to disappear very fast!
Ollie has been blowing raspberries with his mouth and seems to like the reaction he gets out of us. It's so silly! We hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Utah vs. Oregon State

We went to our first Utah football game and Ollie's first game ever. The stands were packed and it was LOUD! Oliver was so enthralled with everything. He was very well behaved and just loved watching all of the people. He even slept through the second half of the game. Thanks to Charlie for hooking us up with the tickets, we had a great night! Photo's courtesy of Charlie!