Sunday, October 12, 2008

This week

Ollie is thinking about crawling but not quite there yet!
Snow this morning
Snow this morning off the front porch
Oliver fell asleep in his bouncer this morning.

Gimme that camera!

We've all had a cold this week and Ollie had an ear infection on top of his cold. We've been laying low and hanging out in the house a lot. The temps dropped a lot this weekend and it snowed over night and has been spitting snow all day as well. Not much is sticking to the ground but it's nice to see.
We are sad to see the Farmer's Market go but next week will be the last. I have been stocking up on zucchini and making bread with it. It seems to disappear very fast!
Ollie has been blowing raspberries with his mouth and seems to like the reaction he gets out of us. It's so silly! We hope everyone is doing well!


Grammie &Grandpa Bob said...

He is getting so big and so darn cute. I'm really glad you guys post pictures every week,It makes us feel like we are part of your lives. Keep up the good work. Love Grammie and Grandpa.

Elysha said...

Hello, hello, hello,
We love reading your blog. It seems like you all are doing very well. Ollie is such a handsome cutie. Let us know when you're coming up our way. Have a great week. Hope Ollie is feeling better. Love,
Nate, Elysha, and Hayden