Saturday, April 28, 2007

trip to Girdwood

We took a road trip down to Girdwood / Alyeska resort last weekend. They had record snow in December so there was still plenty left to board on. The bottom was a bit slushy but the top was nice. It was Spring Carnival weekend so there were events going on all weekend. We caught the dummy races on saturday where people made dummy's on ski's or sleds to go downhill. Most of them bit it at the jump but a few actually made it all the way down. Sunday there was the slush cup where folks dress up in costume and race down into some icky slushy water and see who get's the furthest. We missed these shenanigans though as we left early Sunday morning. The drive back to Fairbanks was AMAZING. It was a beautiful clear day and the views of Denali were breathtaking. We stopped off in Talkeetna for some lunch at a cool little pizza place. It was a great weekend! As usual, most of the pics are posted at our flickr site.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Well, the official wedding countdown is nearing. John and I both spent a little time in Michigan in March and it's been confirmed that we miss our friends and family. Most of the wedding prep is done, we are just getting anxious for it all to happen! I posted some pics on our flickr site from my trip home.

It's getting warm in Alaska, in the 50's most days now. Sunrise at 6 something and sunset I think around 10. It was still light out when we went to sleep last night. It's great to want to be outside! We are going down to Girdwood, which is an hour South of Anchorage this weekend. Hoping to get some last of the season snowboarding in. I think they've got some Spring Carnival going on. Should be fun!

The work day is winding down and i'm outta here!
Oh, the pic is from my last night in Ann Arbor when the gang hit the photobooth at Babs.