Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ollie's first birthday party week in no sequential order!

We celebrated Oliver's first birthday party this past week! Grammie Trish made him a healthy little cake and surprisingly all he wanted was the blue frosting...

Great Grandma Shorty made him this really cool red sweater with little train buttons.

He sized it up for a few seconds...

... and then decided that his mouth was big enough.

He was so excited to get his own chair!

Grammie Trish distracting the wiggle worm
at the Sundance Ski Resort.

He love's the little dinosaur toy from Aunt Cory and Uncle Dan.

Chomping on a lemon at Squatters Pub.

Grandpa Bob and Ollie strolling around the neighborhood.

The crown stayed on his head for maybe a second. The photographer was very fast!

Learning the buttons on his own cookie monster remote.
Thank you Grandpa Ernie and Grandma Sue.

Ollie also had his one year doctor's appointment on Tuesday. He got a clean bill of health and was 30.5 inches and 21.4 lbs. He also started walking much more this past week and his record at the house is 15 steps in a row!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Rambling on... Dry Creek and Stansbury Island

Tracie, Oliver and I have been enjoying the warm temps lately and have journeyed out for a couple hikes these past two weekends. On Saturday we drove out to Stansbury Island to explore some cow trails and to catch a view of the surrounding peaks around the Great Salt Lake. We all had a great time and Ollie enjoyed chatting with the cows.

He definitely enjoyed the time out of the backpack!

We stopped at a little rock outcrop for Ollie to grab a bite to eat and to watch him ramble around on his own.

Tracie and I got a decent workout while Ollie slobbered on dad's shoulder.

This massive flat Paleozoic feature was the perfect height for Ollie to walk around.

Tracie showing proper GPS etiquette... I borrowed one of the new GPS units from work to test in the field. The Dry Creek trail runs up a little narrow Canyon near the University and was perfect for challenging those satellites.