Monday, March 02, 2009

Rambling on... Dry Creek and Stansbury Island

Tracie, Oliver and I have been enjoying the warm temps lately and have journeyed out for a couple hikes these past two weekends. On Saturday we drove out to Stansbury Island to explore some cow trails and to catch a view of the surrounding peaks around the Great Salt Lake. We all had a great time and Ollie enjoyed chatting with the cows.

He definitely enjoyed the time out of the backpack!

We stopped at a little rock outcrop for Ollie to grab a bite to eat and to watch him ramble around on his own.

Tracie and I got a decent workout while Ollie slobbered on dad's shoulder.

This massive flat Paleozoic feature was the perfect height for Ollie to walk around.

Tracie showing proper GPS etiquette... I borrowed one of the new GPS units from work to test in the field. The Dry Creek trail runs up a little narrow Canyon near the University and was perfect for challenging those satellites.

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Dusty, Lisa and Emmerson said...

Nice big word "paleozoic"!! Smarty pants! Nice pictures though.