Tuesday, November 07, 2006


It's negative six degrees right now! Doesn't actually feel as cold as you'd think though. Everything is going well here. Looking forward to a three day weekend b/c of Veteran's Day. Thank you Veteran's. John starts playing basketball this week and I started yoga last week so it's good to get out and exercise. I think we're going to join the local health club. We took a tour this past weekend and it's gigantic! Has lot's to offer! We also hit up a garage sale and picked up some board games so that I don't have to get beat at Scrabble all the time! Been reading lot's. Just finished a book called The Three Junes and it was really good. One of those where you are rushing through to see what happens yet not wanting to finish it. I just started a sci fi novel this week. Not really my thing but it's interesting so far. Finally picked up my knitting again and I WILL finish a project this winter. That's all the news for now. I'll try to get out and take some pictures this weekend.


Justin said...

Cool, what sci-fi book?

Anonymous said...

tra and john
just started walking again with trisha....it does feel good to move...amazingly good...and yoga is THE challenge....i havent been reading much at all ....way too much tv..ugh just the endless surfing...sounds like things are going good for both of you and those of us down south couldnt be happier..see you in march.