Tuesday, February 03, 2009

just a few in the gray sweat pants

Pulling up the pants, grandpa style

He's not a fan of the purple head band for some reason.

Ollie's doing great at the end of his tenth month! He's SO close to taking his first solo steps. He stands by himself when he's distracted, but the second he realizes that he doesn't have a hand on something he drops to the floor. He definitely knows how fast he is at crawling and would rather use those skills to outrun his parents rather than attempt to get away on his inexperienced feet.

This week he has another doctors appointment to check out his little trigger finger. We're not sure if he'll have to get surgery yet and are hoping that we can wait a bit longer until he's older. There's a good website on trigger finger if anyone is curious at http://www.handuniversity.com/ ... The condition is essentially swelling in the tendon on his right index finger, usually caused by repeated trauma from pistol-gripped power tools or long hours grasping a steering wheel... who knows how Ollie got it.


Lisa said...

Hey guys, Ollie is getting too big, tell him to stop until we see him again! Also, I don't think I have talked to you guys after I talked with the hand surgeon I work with. He said he would wonder it it may be a cyst in there as index is rare for a cong trigger finger. I asked him about age and if there was any harm in waiting, he said he has not seen kids get contracted so would probably be ok to wait till he was older. anyways, his generic 2 cents. Kiss, Kiss, Love, Love

Anonymous said...

Hey do you remember us! I finally figured out the whole blog scene! I can't believe how big Ollie is!! It doesn't seem like it has been that long!