Friday, January 16, 2009

Agility and the new chompers.

Oliver turned ten months a couple of weeks ago and he's becoming insanely independent and curious. Gates are up all over the house and the cupboards and drawers are getting locked this weekend. He's developing a great sense of humor and as you'll see in the following photos, he's got a decent little smile too... His speed, striking demeanor and skills around the coffee table remind me of a jaguar kitten. He's SO much fun right now!!

Tylenol and a good ol' fashioned shirt on the head is all it took tonight...

'I totally think I could grab that ceiling fan if I could build up enough speed!'

The new top teeth truly complete the smile!

Huge smiles and outbursts of laughter followed 10 seconds later by huge yawns with the head down...


Elysha said...

How awesome. Ollie is growing so big! Are you all still in Salt Lake? Are you still planning on moving to Idaho Falls. Let us know. Have a great week!!

Nate and Elysha and Hayden

intelligence said...