Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yesterday Ollie was 6 weeks old. He wore his new outfit from Grammie Trish and was told how handsome he was by Dr Huggins. I think he knows how handsome he is. He has been sleeping much better through the night these days. I think we could almost say he has a night schedule... He was very excited to meet a bunch of family members this past weekend although he was a little bit overwhelmed. So many cousins! He did very good on the airplane and his mom was proud of him. He can't wait to see them all again in August for Uncle Dan's wedding. Grandpa Earl is doing much better after the open heart surgery last Thursday. He's back at home and taking it one day at a time...

Oliver loves his new camo outfit from Grandpa Ernie. We had a hard time finding him when he fell asleep near our forest of plants in the dining room. It's a good thing he had those black socks on!

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