Saturday, March 22, 2008


Oliver had his two week pediatrician appointment on Friday and he already weighs in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces! He eats like a little monster so this shouldn't really be a surprise to me. Dusty, Lisa and Emmerson are heading from Portland to visit us for the week so we are all excited about that! Hopefully we can set the stage for an arranged marriage between Oliver and Emmerson in oh about 25 years. We are planning to stay in with D, L and E for Easter and make ourselves a good meal and have some quality friend time. I will post more pictures later in the week as I'm sure we'll be taking lot's!

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kit morgeson said...

He is so cute - so little - I bet he smells so good! I love his shiny peach fuz head. Jammy's was the same way when he was born. His eyebrows and hair line connected. Then each day more space would seperate the two until he finally had a set of eyebrows and a hair line.
It's being a mom so fun! Are you having crazy roller coaster emotions and bursting into tears for no reason when you look at him? I was horrible about that! Now you know why your mom hardly pays attention to what you are saying and then replys "you are so pretty" and you are like "mom, haven't you been listening to me?" I get wrapped up into how cute the kids are and totally forget what they needed...
Get lots of sleep and have fun while he's so little. It won't be long and he will be twice that big! Hope to see you soon - keep posting pics!!!
Love Kit