Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One Week Old

We're celebrating Oliver's one week birthday today. It's insane how much he's been changing every day! Yesterday marked a historic time in our lives when Tracie took a solid stream of urine to the shoulder and the face. I knew that boy had the potential.
Trish has been an amazing help around the house as Tracie continues to get stronger. Tomorrow she leaves for Michigan and we will all definitely miss her presence... Especially Ollie, who seems to burp and pass the gas mostly in her arms. It's that soothing voice of hers. I think she may be moving to Idaho Falls in April.
Trace is on Spring Break this week and I'm truly envious of all the time she gets to spend at home. She's such an amazing Mom!! I'm back to work and having a difficult time focusing on the job. Yesterday I caught myself hovering over my desk swinging my hips like I was trying to put Oliver to sleep in my arms. This was the second time its happened and I'm sure it's normal. I think it's normal?
Anywho, you're here for the pics, so I'll quite rambling...

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David Stas said...

Awwwww . . . great pics, great kid.
And Don't worry Oliver, Trish has that effect on people.