Sunday, August 04, 2013

One Haircut Down, One to Go

I really need to quit cutting the boys hair myself.  But getting to the barber, and finding one that we like has been a challenge.  Archer took it upon himself to cut his own hair a couple of weeks ago and luckily it's not too noticeable.  One big chunk on top right down to the scalp but his other hair lays over it.  Silly kid.  I butchered Oliver's hair last time so I figured I would let a professional do it this time.  His hair is so thick!
We made tie dye t-shirts last weekend while John was in Michigan.  This is not something I would recommend for the control freak parent, like myself.  They love the tee's though so maybe next time we do it outside?
Oliver has a field trip to a farm this week and we're getting ready for kindergarten!  We have started to think about school supply shopping and school clothes shopping and all of that fun stuff.
Summer, don't end!

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