Thursday, June 27, 2013


I just figured out how to change the email on my blogger account.  I know, I know. ...  but I will hopefully post more often now that I don't have to log out of one email and into another just to post.  Not that anyone is reading this.
Ahh!  It's almost July!  Summer is half over and I'm headed back to work.  Staying at home with the boys has been amazing but I am very ready to talk to grown ups and have someone tell me that I'm doing a good job.  I will miss my free time immensely.  Goodbye reading a novel a week, goodbye long weekend trips to Michigan, goodbye Summer afternoons in the pool.  Hello Medical college of Wisconsin and Froedtert hospital, hello spare $ to save for a real vacation, hello getting to wear real clothes that may or may not need to be ironed.
The boys have been busy since I last posted.  Oliver is 5 and has lost his first tooth.  Archer is 3 and loves to dress as a cowboy and carry a plastic snake around.
Last day of 4K

Lake Superior

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Ryan and Amber said...

I miss work for those reasons too! Good luck :)