Thursday, December 02, 2010

December is here!

We had a great and lazy Thanksgiving! Lots of food, crafts and football. On Friday we got to visit with our friends Joe, Marisa and Miles who recently moved to Denver and that was really nice. Yesterday, John took the afternoon off and we went up into the Santa Fe National Forest near Pecos to pick out a tree. It was a long bumpy ride into the woods in a car with low clearance. Our next car must be higher off the ground! There was a bit of snow up there and Ollie had a blast - it was like he'd never seen the stuff before! We settled on a nice 10 foot white fir, which looks much larger in the house!
Archer has been crawling around like crazy and pulling himself up to standing on everything he can get his hands on. In terms of mobility, I think he's about two months ahead of where Ollie was at seven months... That's the news for now. Pictures of the decorated tree to come soon!


ginny loveland said...

great pictures tracie.. glad your back on it. your tree looks huge..and beautiful . love gin

Kim said...

okay that naked baby picture just totally delighted me!!

Ryan and Amber said...

I can't believe how big your boys are. So cute

Anonymous said...

love all the pictures,can't wait to see you guys.soon

t-racy said...

Great pictures! Hope you guys have a great holiday and happy new year!
Tracy B