Monday, August 16, 2010

ok then

I've been a bad girl by not posting lately but I'm not sure that anyone reads the blog anyhow. Since mid June, we've really just been busy with life. We have taken a couple of road trips, one up to Boulder to visit Jeff, Maris and Zach. It was a quick one with a long drive considering we have a baby who doesn't like to be in a car seat. We discovered that Oliver likes hotels and if he were saying it you have to say "HO-tel" with a Southern accent. On the way up to Boulder we stopped in Raton and spent the night. He was so excited to be in that room. He kept getting out of bed in the dark to look for Buzz although he really knew exactly where Buzz was. We've also road tripped in to Southern Colorado around the South Fork, Monte Vista, Alamosa area. It's an easy 3 hour drive up there and we get to explore.
Neither of us has gotten a lot of "me" time in the last few months so I'll admit that my personal joy has been in baking. I've tried out so many new recipes and now we're talking about how it needs to stop because there is a constant supply of cakes and cookies in the house! How will I ever lose this last 10 pounds?!
The boys have been great. Archer is very well behaved and only wakes me once during the night. He's sleeping in a crib most of the night but I usually cave and pull him in for a feeding and end up snuggling with him the rest of the night. Oliver is talking SO much. My favorites lately are "Mom, be quiet" when John and I are trying to have a conversation and "it's too loud!" when I'm grinding the coffee beans. He wants to play. ALL the time. He's a good boy if we keep him busy but if we slack for too long, boy does he let us know. One day, in the car he said "mom" 22 times in a 10 minute drive. I also have counted him saying "i want to go to the park" nearly 20 times during a drive. He's funny like that.
John has been keeping busy at work and has been riding his bike there most days. He's good about taking us exploring on the outskirts of town. We went on a terrific hike where we had to cross a stream (maybe the Tesuque?) 6 times. It was fun getting wet and traipsing through the woods. We let Oliver walk through the stream on the way back. His favorite thing to do is throw rocks and sticks into water so I think we all had a pretty good day.
Other than that, we're just looking forward to a visit to Michigan at the end of the month. Ready to show off Archer to all those family members. Can't wait to see you if you're reading!


Kim said...

I was very excited to see you had posted. I can't believe how big Archer is already!

grammie said...

Grammie can't wait to give the little ons and the big ones a big hug...

Chantel Arnett said...

Hi Tracie - just thought I would let you know that I read the blog. The boys look so cute!