Thursday, April 01, 2010

dos años

We celebrated a couple birthdays here this past month. Tracie turned an unknown age last week and Oliver turned the big numero dos a few weeks ago. We had a fun little party for Ollie with a few friends and family over. Bob and Trish flew out for the week and were probably worn out by the time they left. They taught Ollie several new songs, took him on long walks and they gave him some proper horse riding lessons. At two years, he's certainly getting more wise and much more verbal and independent. His vocabulary is growing at an insane rate and he's learning so many songs and sharp little phrases. He's also invented a few ways to test our patience and he wants to do EVERYTHING by himself - Ollie do it. What an age to experience as a parent!

Tracie is 35 (or maybe 36) weeks into this pregnancy and she's looking as amazing as ever! The little one is quite active and for the most part Ollie has been very gentle playing with her and the baby. I'm not sure how he'll react when his little brother is no longer just something moving in moms belly. The dynamics of this house are definitely about to change soon and we're getting anxious and excited!

The spring here has been crazy so far. We're still getting snow one day and 65 degrees of sunshine the next. The one constant element is the insane wind. There's tumbleweed blowing everywhere and the Juniper and dust seems to be disturbing almost everyone's sinuses. Luckily Michiganders are immune to the Juniper pollen.

A few pics from March...

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Kim said...

I can't wait to hear about the newest little boy! Happy birthday Ollie...he is getting cuter by the day. We miss you at the U of U Tracie!