Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Holiday Hootenanny

We had another busy holiday season this year!

The four of us had a feast here in Santa Fe for Thanksgiving. Brining the turkey was definitely the way to go! Ollie ate everything that we made - if it had cranberries on it.

This kid loves those tassels!

The winter has been sunny, but definitely a bit colder than anticipated... We escaped the temps in December with a 9 day getaway to even colder Michigan. We had a great time as usual! There were too many friends and family to visit in the time that we had, but luckily we're hardcore holidayers. Ollie did an amazing job dealing with our schedule. I certainly would have freaked out after falling asleep in the carseat every few hours and waking up in a new house filled with strange faces. Maybe strange isn't the right word. Thank you to all of his cousins that were so patient and helpful with him... he had such a great time with you guys! Anywho, we didn't take many photos of the trip for some reason and are really hoping that somebody out there will send us some. The few that made it onto our camera are...

Grandpa Ernie and Ollie opening gifts (early).

Ollie, three teddy bears and a football - asleep in Grandpa Earls wheelchair. Grandpa's doing much better by the way. Whoahoo!

Zac teaching Ollie the art of shredding Santa's paper.

Part of the fam holding that smile for 10 seconds early Christmas morning. Dude, part of your head was missing in all 5 shots.

We flew back to New Mexico Christmas night. There were a few delays at the airports, but we got home safely and with just enough time to turn on the heat and crawl into bed. We slept very well that night!

A few other pics taken since getting back...

New underwear and trains have been very popular so far this year.

His first Wings gear from Uncle Dave.

Playing a mean harmonica under the kitchen table!

During the holidays, we were also very excited to find out that Ollie's sibling is going to be a brother (thanks for your help Ginny). We had a few 3-D pics taken, but the little mans hands were always covering that handsome face. Our due date is May 7.

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