Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ruins of a Pecos Pueblo

With over 1000 years of human history, the Pecos Pueblo area at the southern tip of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains was a great spot to explore this weekend.

The three of us stepped down into a couple of the Kivas, which were used for ceremonies to balance the underworld and the above world.

The Kiva above is now fully exposed, but as you can see by the figure below it was once covered and surrounded by several other structures.

The remnants of a massive network of attached houses that were once 4 stories high.

There were so many Cholla Cactus blooming near the site... Lots of rain lately!

In the early 1600's, the Spanish had already forced their way into the Pecos area to colonize and start a mission. The first church was completed here just south of the Pueblo in 1625.

Ollie had an absolute blast at the Mission!

He ran around and explored ever little corner...

... and at the end of the day, those chucks were dirty!

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