Sunday, September 21, 2008

a great week

Grammie giving out kisses

thinking about date night

looking at the monkeys (i think) with grandpa Bob

at the zoo

riding the rhino at the zoo

sunset on the great salt lake

Oliver loves his bath time

Yesterday was a sad day as Grammie Trish said her goodbyes. Oliver even had a crying fit as she got out of the car at the airport. We had a lot of fun this past week with Bob and Trish and hopefully gave them a good taste of SLC. The weather cooperated nicely which added to the appeal of the city. It has been a wonderful Summer full of visitors and although we are sad to see it go, the leaves are beginning to change and Fall is welcome in our household. Who is coming to visit for ski season??!!


Elysha said...

We miss you guys. We're glad everything is going well.
Nate, Elysha and Hayden

Grammie said...

We had a great time, and wish I was still there. Miss that little guy's smile. Love you all!!!Grammie

David Stas said...

GREAT shots!
What a cutie!
(and her grandson's a cutie too)